Clay McLaurin Studio was established in 2013 by Clay McLaurin (right) and his partner Todd Piercy (left) with the belief that the environment we live in should be a reflection of your own life and experiences. Their personal discoveries and explorations are brought to life in a collection of home textiles and wallcoverings. Both Clay and Todd enjoy traveling and making new discoveries. They love to immerse themselves in the culture of where they go. To them it’s important to talk with locals and craftsmen to get a true understanding of the place. The West Indies have recently been a point of inspiration. The idea of someone discovering these beautiful islands rich with tropical plants and shells in a relaxed utopian environment are hallmarks of their most recent collections.



- Works from his studio in Atlanta, GA

- Grew up not far from his studio, Jackson, GA

- BFA in fabric design from the University of Georgia

- MFA in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design

- Worked for several years in NYC in the textile industry

- Always wanted to start his own business

- Creative force behind Clay McLaurin Studio

- Inspired by artists and early explorers like Ernst Haeckel, Anna Atkins.

- Has an affinity for collecting pods, seedlings and other natural objects



- Grew up not far from Asheville, NC

- Among one of 4 brothers

- Studied communication at Appalachian State

- Master's degree from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX

- Extensive retail history working for Ralph Lauren in NYC and Bloomingdales 

- Numbers genius

- Runs the operational side of Clay McLaurin Studio

- Resident Mixologist

- Currently studying finance classes through Harvard Extension